Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Things You Say And Do- Part 999

Dear Hannah,

I know I write a lot about the things you say and do, but I just can't help it.  You make me laugh all the time and there are so many things I just don't want to forget about.  I feel so blessed to spend my days with you and be there for all of the milestones.  I do question myself a lot when it comes to being a mother and I wonder if I am doing the right things.  You are a great little girl, but you are also very strong willed and know what you want and you hardly ever back down.  I love that about you, but it also makes my days challenging.  Right now I always dread getting you dressed.  You are a very picky "dresser".  You will only wear "comfy pants" right now (aka leggings).  You do not like to wear socks and shoes (except your princess shoes....thankfully it has been a really mild winter and we can get away with wearing those a lot of times).  Oh and forget about putting on a jacket. 

We went to visit grandma and grandpa in Iowa last week for a surprise visit (more on that later).  One night you picked a book out of grandmas bookshelf and said you wanted to read that before going night-night.  I just went along with it and didn't even look at the book.  Scott came in laughing and asked if I picked that book for you.  It was called "The Strong Willed Woman".  We got a good laugh, because it was perfect!  And strong willed like you are you insisted on taking that book to bed with you.

You brought me another book at grandmas house and said "Can you read this.  It's english".  I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes.  I tell you all the time that you are learning two languages and that Mama speaks German to you and Daddy English. 

You are quite the performer and like to be the center of attention (it only takes you a few minutes to get over your shyness).  You had a good audience at grandma and grandpas house. 
Dressed up and ready to perform
Not sure how you manage to walk in these shoes, but you do!
Some more of your dance moves.  You are full of energy and wear me out most days.
This was right before nap time (that is why you are wearing a diaper).
You started to do this move last week and I am not sure where that came from.  Funny thing is Madonna did a similar move during the Half Time Show of the Super Bowl this weekend
You like to sing "Shake your booty", but you prefer to dance naked while singing it.

You were playing with your dolls the other day and I could hear you say in a firm voice "stay on the mat" and "be nice to Sammie".  You were pretending to be your teacher from MDO.

You also tell me "Gute Idee Mama" (good idea)  or  "Das ist Quatsch" (that's silly) when I suggest to do something. 

You shared some ice cream with me last night and I said thank you for sharing.  Your response was "you are welcome sweetheart". 

You really like to do the sound test on skype and record your own voice.  It is one of your favorite things to do with your daddy.  He usually asks you what your favorite food is and you say "ice cream with spinkles (I love how you say sprinkles)".  Then you go on to say "chocolate" and "cake".  You don't even get to eat sweets very much, but maybe that is why you like to talk about them so much. 

That is it for today.  You are a wonderful little girl and I am very proud to be your Mama.  I still look at you and can't believe that you are my daughter.  Sometimes it is so bitter sweet to see you grow up so fast, but you will always be my baby.  I love you!

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  1. I am thinking we will need a support group when our strong willed girls turn 12!! Love this...