Sunday, August 26, 2012

Karneval in June

Every time we go to Germany we have to make a visit to the Karneval store.  Scott gets really excited about it.....he loves costumes.  This store is huge, has every costume you could ever think of and is  open all year around.  This time we brought Hannah with us and Scott and Hannah tried on a lot of costumes.  I on the other hand was not feeling good, so I pretty much laid down in the fitting room and took pictures of the them. 

First was the frog costume
Next up was a little dwarf girl for Hannah....
Then the Hippie....
And while Scott is putting on the Hippie costume Hannah has already moved on to a fairy princess costume....
And of course there was some dancing too....
My brother met us at the Karneval store (you can see him in the background), because we had an important lunch date next door at IKEA to eat some swedish meatballs.  Yes, we went to IKEA just to eat lunch.
Next up the Indian outfit....I think it is pretty safe to say that Hannah enjoyed trying on costumes.
At this point we had already been there for an hour and I was really hungry, so we moved on to IKEA.  We returned another day to make our purchases.  Stay tuned on which costume we chose for Halloween!

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  1. I love it!! The pics are so fun!! The frog one is my favorite :-)