Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Month Old

I can't believe Evan is one month old already. It doesn't feel real since we have only been home for a week.  This last month was the longest month of my life and this experience was the hardest thing I hope I will ever have to go through.  But in the end we are home with our little fighter.  The transition has been a little tough for all of us, but we are getting more comfortable with each day.  It is hard going from 24/7 monitoring to nothing.  I have learned a lot about myself during this time and I hope that it will make me a better person.  I am hoping to be involved in some more charities that benefit Arkansas Childrens Hospital.  We are forever thankful for the care we received there.  They saved our sons life!

This blog has been a great outlet for me and given me a lot of encouragement from all of your kind words.  I appreciate the comments, texts , phone calls and emails.  I still can't really talk about everything that happened without getting very emotional, but writing it all down has actually been very helpful for me.  I think while we were going through everything I just turned to survival mode and just functioned.  Now that the worst is behind us I am starting to process everything that happened and it has been very hard for me.  Today is especially hard, because I keep thinking about and reliving every minute of the Saturday 4 weeks ago when he was at his worst and we didn't know if he was going to make it.  I keep staring at Evan and I am just so thankful to God that he is here with us today.

As far as home life goes we are adjusting alright.  The house is a mess (it always is, but it is even worse now) and I have to learn to let go.  I have more important things to do right now, but it still drives me crazy.  We are doing several loads of laundry every day......that's what happens when you have a baby that spits up a lot.  Hannah and Scott have become best buddies.  She has been handling this transition great and I am very proud of her.  She knows that I have to spend a lot of time with brother right now and she is good with that.  She has not acted jealous at all right now.  She loves her daddy and is excited that she gets to spend a lot of time with him right now.  She loves Evan a lot too.  Here are some of her quotes. "I love you buddy" "I am going to keep you forever" "Hi handsome" "Hello little fella""He is looking at me.  He likes me a lot".

Evan had his first follow up appointment at the pediatrician this week. The doctor was pleased with everything. After hearing the whole story he called him a little miracle.   Evan gained an entire pound in the week since we have been home.  He was making up for lost time.  Thank goodness he was a big boy when he was born.  He was not quite back up to birth weight (8lbs 6oz) when we were discharged, but now he is 9lbs 6oz.  We grow them big around here!  Evan has only left the house a few times (the bank drive thru and the doctors office and we went for a little walk around the block).  His immune system is still weakened and with all of this sickness going around it is just best to stay home.
We follow up with the cardiologist next Wednesday. I am so thankful that we have the ACH outreach clinic here in NWA and we don't have to drive down to Little Rock all the time.  I am also glad that it will be the same cardiologists that treated Evan at the hospital.  They rotate and one of them flies up here every Wednesday.

Evan likes to be held (I am holding him right now and typing everything with one hand).  He likes to be in his Ergo carrier and he does not like to be put down.  There is nothing I would rather do than hold him since we didn't get to hold him for so long.  I know he is getting spoiled and I will deal with "the consequences" later.  He does not like his diaper or clothes changed.  He was not a big fan of bath time at first, but he is warming up to it.  Hannah is a great bath time helper.  I think he has adjusted to being home over the last few days.  He seems a lot happier.  The transition has to be tough on him too.

One Month Old

We love you Mr Evan and Princess Hannah!

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  1. So sweet! Things will get better and you'll get more adjusted! Transitioning from one to two kids was so hard for me! (We are about to have a 3rd in July!)