Thursday, April 11, 2013

All About Hannah

Hannah is full of life and never runs out of things to say.  She has an answer for everything.  I hear this a lot: "I have a great idea...." or "How about we do this.....".  She is quite the entertainer and loves to be the center of attention (I am not sure where she gets that from).  She is also really good at bossing people around.  She loves to tell everybody what to do and loves to play "mommy and me" and she always ends up being the mom. 
She has a few words that she mispronounces, but I don't always correct her, because I think it is so cute:).  She says "Froutons" instead of croutons and "Smoovies" instead of smoothies.  She has been throwing in some attitude too and some days she sounds like she is three going on sixteen. We will be in trouble.  She is quite the negotiator.  Scott and I joke that we should be sending Hannah to any business meetings. 

Remember how this girl never sleeps?  She gave up naps when she turned two and still tries to tell us every night that she is not tired and wants to stay up.  She has napped only once at school in almost 3 years.  That's why the below pictures are so funny to me.  I think Allison's wedding really wore her out.  This was her on Monday when she went grocery shopping with Scott.  I laughed out loud when Scott sent me these pictures. 

Here is our entertainer.  She cracks me up.

We went to First Friday last week and Hannah had her face painted.  We are ready for the nice Spring weather to come back and for it to stay!
Hannah and I had a date on Saturday morning and we went to see the Popovich Pet Theater while Evan and daddy stayed at home.  It was so nice to have some one on one time with Hannah.  I miss that, but she has been so great about understanding that Evan needs a lot of my time right now.  We had a wonderful morning and Hannah really enjoyed the show.

This was us on our date morning

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  1. She is a hoot! Glad my girls aren't the only ones who grocery shop in their costumes;-)