Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Pictures

I just realized that I never posted Hannah's Easter pictures.  I am always paranoid about losing my pictures in this digital age, so the more places I have them such as the blog, shutterfly and CD's the better my chances are of not losing them, right?

These are always some of my favorite pictures of the year.  Hannah loves to take pictures with the bunnies.  These were taken by Myra Wike.  She looks so grown up already and has the attitude to go along with that.   She was telling Myra how she thinks she should take the pictures.  "How about I sit like this", "How about we use only one bunny", "How about I lay down", "How about we use both bunnies".......Oh my!

Hannah did not have much interest in taking pictures with her brother, because we had to put the bunnies away.  I don't know how many times she heard "just one more"
And the bunnies are back.....
I love to compare pictures from the prior years.....

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  1. She is such a DOLL! I can't wait to get her together with Gracyn and Camryn Reese...that will be interesting! Three little performers;-) And Evan could not be more handsome! I love his grin!! I can't get enough of him and am so glad that I get to see him every time I open my fridge:-) Rejoicing with you my sweet friend! God has done GREAT things! Miss you! XO, H