Monday, June 9, 2014

Clubine Party of Five

Yes, we are expecing another baby in early November.  We are almost half way there now!  We are very excited, but the last 12 weeks have not been very fun for anyone since I am so nauseous again (I am almost 19 weeks now).  I know it's worth it at the end and we will have another very special kid.

This is also the main reason that my blog posts have been so sporadic.  The computer is not my friend again.  Most days I am just excited to make it out of bed and get dressed.
Hannah is very excited and is hoping for a baby sister.  We are not going to find out the gender, so she will have to wait a little longer to find out.  Her name choices are Elsa Rose for a girl and Olaf for a boy.......I wonder where she got those ideas from:)
We have our big anatomy ultrasound tomorrow.  Praying that baby looks healthy.  I have been so worried and preoccupied with Evan's health lately that I haven't even had time to worry about this baby.

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