Friday, October 3, 2014

The New House

As if we didn't have enough going on in our lives, we decided to build again.  A little peace and quiet would be too boring for us, instead we will welcome another baby in the next month and are building a new house (I guess we just keep building a new house for each baby.ha).  We love our current house and the location, but the opportunity came up to buy another lot in the same area, so we took it (doesn't everybody do that).  I have had people ask me if my husband is a builder......he may as well:).  We will only be a few blocks from where we are now and we will still be able to walk to the square, the museum, parks and trails, which is what we love about our current location.  I was not completely sold on the idea of building another house so soon, because it is a lot of work and I haven't been feeling well with this pregnancy and because we love our current house, but now I am excited too.

The new lot before it was cleared
Working on the foundation

The storm shelter is going up next and then framing is going to start in the next few weeks, which is the most exciting part.  I love looking back at these pictures and seeing the progress on the house.  So fun!

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