Friday, April 10, 2015

We Kind Of Have A Cat

Yes, you read that correctly.  Let me back up.  About two weeks ago we had this cat show up in our backyard.  He hung out on our porch a lot.  It seemed like he didn't leave our yard at all.  He was very friendly (we did not let the kids touch him, since we didn't know anything about him).  He also made it very clear that he would love to come inside.  He would hang out by our backyard door all the time and every time somebody was in the living room the cat would show up by the door or window.  The kids loved it.  So, about a week into this we started feeding him, because we felt bad for him.  Over the weekend he got injured pretty badly and he continued to hang out on this chair in our yard.  I am not going to go into any detail on here, but his wound was pretty nasty.  We felt terrible for him, so we took him to the vet on Monday.  Well, let's just say we are now the proud owners of a $500 free cat. Ha!

He had to have surgery for his wound plus all of his shots ect......Scott picked him up on Wednesday and they said that he would need to be inside for 10-14 days to heal.  We were planning on him being an outside cat, because Scott is really allergic to cat hair plus we both don't really want a cat in the house.  So, we decided to keep him at Scott's office until he was all healed up.  He did grow on us and we were happy that we saved him.......he is really cute!

The kids were super excited and we went to visit him at the office that afternoon.  His wound still looked really gross with lots of stitches and staples.

Then our cat had different plans.......  Scott went back to his office on Thursday morning and the cat was gone.  We had left a small back window open a little bit and it had a screen on it, but the cat pushed through that.  To be honest we were not all that upset about him being gone except for the fact that we spent a small fortune to save him.  Scott talked to the neighbor at his office (which is a two bedroom house) who owns two outdoor cats and the neighbor found our cat (he is hard to miss with that huge wound on him).  He was trying to bring him over, but he got away from him again and we haven't seen him since then.

Today Scott went back to his office and all of the food and water was gone and the littler box had been used.  So, he must have come back in through the window (which is at least 8ft off the ground from the outside) at night to eat......who knows maybe he brought some new friends with him? Ha!

So, to wrap up my story........we kind of own a cat.  Hannah named him Spark!

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