Friday, September 25, 2015

This and That......Turned Into Entire Taylor Swift Post

Last weekend Scott and I went to the Bryan Adams concert at the Amp.  While we were at the concert we talked about other concerts that would be fun to go to and Scott mentioned that Taylor Swift will be in Kansas City this week.  So, we decided on Saturday night to take Hannah to the Taylor Swift concert in KC on Tuesday.  We decided to surprise her and pick her up from school early on Tuesday to head to KC and she would miss the next day of school (don't tell on us. Hahahaha!).

Hannah was really surprised when we picked her up early from school.  She thought she had a doctors appointment.  We all loaded up and started our 3 hour drive.  Morgan came with us, so she could stay with Evan and Nora in the hotel while we went to the concert.  Hannah was super excited once we told her what we were doing and Evan was excited to stay in a hotel and Nora is always happy,  so we were all good!

We dropped off a ticket for aunt Allison at her work, so that she could meet us as soon as she got off.

Before the concert
We had amazing seats and were on the floor right next to the stage.  
Excited and ready for the show to start.....Hannah was counting down the minutes
Finally go time
So fun!
She was right next to us a was great to be so close, but we also caught a little backup dancer sweat:)
She really puts on a great show.  I know Hannah was excited, but I was probably even more excited.
I have lots of fun videos, but for some reason they won't upload to the blog.
Hannah wants a light up pink dress now!

Obviously this was zoomed in with my phone, but we really were very close! 
I love that Taylor Swift writes her own songs and that she knows how to play multiple instruments.
"Shake it off" to close out the 2 hour show.  Hannah was getting really tired at this point.
When Taylor Swift walked off the stage at the end she pointed at Hannah and said (not into the microphone) "Bye baby".
I say Hannah's first concert was a big success and she really enjoyed skipping school the next day.  I hope she will remember this special experience for a long time.  And I had my first Uber experience getting to the concert and back.
Meanwhile Evan and Nora had fun in the hotel room with Morgan

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