Friday, October 2, 2015

What We Have Been Up To

Life has finally slowed down a little and we are enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  It was still mid 80's at the beginning of the week and we took the boat out (probably for the last time this season) and the kids even jumped in the water.  This morning was freezing out and the high is 68, but it is sunny and gorgeous weather to be outside.

Nora enjoyed a little park time while the other two were at school.  It has been nice to have a few mornings a week of just me and the baby. I still can't believe that in less than 2 months she will be ONE.  I am just not ok with that.  I want her to stay little for a bit longer.
She loves the swing and climbing......oh and squealing.  She is quite loud.  
Nora has stopped eating baby food.  She eats what we eat and wants to feed herself.  If you try to feed her anything with a spoon she just swats at it. We also discovered that she likes pickles even though she makes a funny face every time.
Helping do the laundry

Evan is a big helper around the house.  At least he thinks he is helping!  I do love that he wants to help cooking, cleaning or fixing things.  I have to find a new spot for our drill and screwdrivers, because he will get it out at any chance he can get to fix things.  The other day we were sitting at the dining table and the lights were off.  He said the lights were broken and he went to turn them on and said "Mama I fixed it".  He did the same thing with the Roomba vacuum cleaner.  If all things could be fixed just by turning them on that would be nice.  Evan is still obsessed with the Roomba and turns it on/fixes it every time he comes into the house.  He also plays games with it.....he chases the vacuum or he lets the vacuum chase him.  Lots of entertainment.
Evan always says "I is" instead of "I am" and most of the time I don't correct him, because it is just so cute. 
He was playing fire fighter and had to rescue the kitty out of the tree.
He got to play with some cats at the barn where Hannah takes horse back riding lessons.  He loves the cats, but I am not sure the feeling is mutual.  He always wants to pick them up.  
Fire Fighter Day at school
Hannah working hard in the barn.....this is still the only time Hannah will wear pants.

Hannah on "Lady"
I love that Hannah and Evan play well together.  They like to play school and Hannah is always the teacher and bosses Evan around.  Meet Rosie.....she is a new student in Hannah's class.

Hannah had grandparents day at school a couple of weeks ago, but neither of her grandparents were able to make it.  She was really sad about that.  She wanted me to take a picture of her the morning of the grandparents breakfast, so that I can send it to them.  Then she started crying and said she was so sad that her grandparents can't be there for it.  I told her that we can maybe do something special after school.  I was thinking getting a scoop of ice cream or a Sonic Sprite.....she said "How about we go to Target and I get to pick out a toy, because I am so sad".  Smart little girl.  Then Evan starts a fake cry and repeats what Hannah just said.
This is her picture before school on grandparents day

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