Friday, October 16, 2015

Everyday Moments

We just got back from a trip to NYC with Hannah.  We had so much fun and I am excited to share our trip on the blog next time.  For today I need to catch up and do some more everyday moments.

This girl just turned 11 months old and is standing on her own more and more.  She tries to take a few steps here and there…..she will be walking before we know it.  I am ready for that next step (because she always wants down, but crawling in public places is just hard), but I am not OK with how fast she is growing up.  Need to start planning a little first birthday celebration for her!
She likes to be in the middle of everything and wants to do what her big siblings are doing.  She is quite independent and wants to do everything by herself.  She always has a smile!
She loves to eat.
Crazy hair day
Stylish little girl
During the last First Friday Hannah finally got to do this "rope jump"……we and always told her that she was still too little and she bought it until now when she saw a much smaller girl than her do it!  She was really excited to do it.
Hannah quotes: "If Taylor Swift ever got arrested would she have pretty handcuffs".  hahahaha!
Hannah is going to be a girls scout and I told her that I am going to be a troop co-leader.  I thought she would be excited, but this is what she said: "Please just call me Hannah".  I asked her what else I would be calling her and she said "Not Honey"……I never call her honey, so I am not sure where that came from.  When I drop her off at school in the mornings she said that I can hug her, but not kiss her anymore……She also tells me to shower before I come pick her up from school and not come in my work out clothes.  I thought that would come later, but I guess she is already embarrassed of me :)

Hannah got the Kiwanis Terrific Kid of the month last week.  Very proud of her!
We surprised her at Bash where she got the award, but these are the best pictures I got.
We had a little picnic snack after school at the park.  
Evan wanted a piece of gum the other day in the car and I told him he can't have one.  One minute later he goes "knock knock"
Me: "who's there"
Evan: "Gum"
Me: "Gum who?"
Evan "I want gum"

Well, that was pretty funny and smart, so he got a piece of gum after all.
He always says "silly Evan" when he is being funny.

We still don't have a yard, but at least we have some pumpkins.  I love Fall!

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