Monday, February 29, 2016

Around Here

It's been business as usual around here.  Hannah had her February break two weeks ago (I am so sad that this was her last one since we are going to the traditional calendar next year).  I hosted a little Valentine's Party for Hannah and a few of her friends.  Evan was a big helper setting up the table.

Evan and Nora were excited that they didn't get kicked out for the party and were allowed to participate.  We had chick dil a for lunch and cupcakes and then played for a while before making some valentine's for their little red mailbox.

We took a little trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City and went on to Manhattan, KS to visit Barry, Megan, Blaine and baby Clara.  Hannah LOVED holding and taking care of baby Clara.  She is a little mommy.  Scott was trying to hold her and Hannah told him that she is babysitting and that Clara liked her better.  Then she told him what the baby likes, so that he can do it.
We took the whole family to the KU vs KSU basketball game while we were there.  This was one of those things that sounded better in theory!  Nora can NOT sit still at all! I saw maybe 5min of the game.  and spend the rest of the game running loops around the stadium.
When we got back to Megan's house Evan told her that we went to 2 basketball games.  He was confused, because of half time!

Trying to climb up and down the chair
At least she looked cute in her KU outfit

We have had some beautiful Spring weather lately, which makes us ready for some more!
She loves to put her brothers helmet on and get on the four wheeler.  She will push the gas with her hand and we have to be really careful
Kids like to get in on our work outs. 
Hannah likes to work out with me and she is actually really good at burps!

Dressing up and dance parties are always a favorite.
Evan had to dress up like a fairy tale character last week at school.  So, we decided to make a sword and a crown…….not sure what he was, but maybe Prince Charming :)
Hannah made herself a little crown too.  She can really get into  "Queen character" and most of the time its not a nice Queen, but a very bossy queen.

A trip to the Amazeum is always fun.  Hannah made some salt art.

Evan is becoming quite the artists too……I think he just likes the messiness

And then he started playing in the water area and got completely soaked.  He was trying to take his pants off in the middle of the exhibit.

These two have been fighting a lot more lately.  But then I catch a moment like this and the world is all good again.  There is nothing better than seeing your kids be nice to each other.

We played a round of pie face last night and I don't think Nora was a fan.
Her "cheese" face before she got a pie in the face

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