Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kids Pictures

These pictures of the kids were taken at the end of August by One Red Photography.  We had a great time with this session and I love how they turned out.  I feel like they capture the kids personalities perfectly.

This has become one of my all time favorite pictures of Hannah.  She loves to show of some dance moves and this was no exception.  She looks so grown up already.  
Litte Diva……seven going on seventeen.

Three things about Hannah:
1.  Hannah is liking school this year (I am not going to say she is loving it, but she is doing so much better than last year) and has become such a great reader!  My favorite is when she reads to her brother and sister.
2. Hannah still enjoys horse back riding, gymnastics and girls scouts at the moment.
3. She is a very loving, caring and sensitive young lady.  She is a wonderful big sister.

This picture is all Evan. Wild and crazy and funny and his pants unbuttoned :).  This boy is full of energy and funny ideas all of the time and this picture shows that.  Evan was 3 1/2 when these were taken.
And this one….

Three things about Evan:
1. Evan loves to help around the house, but it has to be a real job, not just something to keep him busy. Give him a leaf blower or any other kind of tool and he is happy.  He loves to help in the kitchen as well.  I wish he had this kind of enthusiasm for cleaning up the messes he makes.
2. Evan played soccer this Fall and is back in gymnastics.
3. He is a very funny and loving boy that cares deeply for his sisters.  He is a very sweet boy most of the time.  I had to get a shot a couple of weeks ago and he was with me at the doctors office and said "It's ok mommy I am right here holding your hand.  It will be ok"

And then there is Nora.  She was 21 months old when these were taken.  This sweet little face is full of personality and she is a little fireball.  You can tell by the little smirk on her face.

Three things about Nora:
1. Nora is talking more and more every day.  She makes her voice heard.
2. She is full of personality and doesn't put up with anything from her older siblings.  She copies everything they do.  She is into absolutely everything.  Cleaning when she is around is just a losing battle.
3. She loves to play with dolls and real babies.  She takes really good care of them.  I love watching her bounce a baby doll and sing to her.  She also loves real babies and tries to get her hands on them every chance she gets.  Nora also loves purses and bags and stuffs them with anything she can find.  She is a little bag lady.

We got a couple of good ones of all three of them together.

Scott and I were not planning on being in the pictures, but we somehow ended up  with this gem and I love it.

This photo session was very fun.  Ashley did a great job and just let the kids play around and captured their personalities.  

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