Thursday, November 17, 2016


Nora turned two last weekend.  I don't even remember life before Nora.  She has been the perfect addition to our family.
I just got out my old blog books with my two year old posts for Hannah and Evan and I loved reading through them.  Main difference is that both of them had a big birthday party and the poor third child did not.  Ha!  We will celebrate her birthday with cake next week at family Thanksgiving.

She did have a little birthday table with her presents and candles.  Her siblings were way more excited about opening presents then she was.  

My sister in law got her this ergo for her baby dolls.  It is so cute.
And just for memories sake, here is the first picture of all three of them two years ago in the hospital
We went out for birthday donuts for her birthday

She is such a cute little girl (I know I am a little biased), but has a feisty and strong little personality.  Her favorite thing to say is "I do it".  We have entered the lovely stage of wanting to do everything on her own.  While I love the independence and want her to try and learn we all know that everything just takes so much longer and gets so much messier:).  Most of the time (unless it has to do with knives or lighters……which causes a tantrum, because these are really the things she wants to do on her own) I let her.
Scott and I were just talking this morning that Evan is finally getting easier now and Nora is getting harder.  We are seeing the strong willed two year old phase (or otherwise knows as terrible twos).  I have a feeling that we have our work cut out for us for the next few years.  Nora is such a sweet and funny little girl, but does not put up with anything.  Her smile is infectious and sweet and her grin means trouble.

Nora is a great eater and will eat everything we eat (some of her favorite foods are zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash, two thing her older siblings won't touch).  She does have a little bit of a sweet tooth and loves ice cream.  I find her in the pantry sometimes trying to sneak a piece of candy.  She loves the idea of puppies and chasing them, but is not so sure when they actually come close to her.

Her language is developing fast right now and she is speaking small sentences.  Just like her brother at this age she requires supervision every waking moment or she will get into something she is not supposed to.  She is also a climber and can get on everything. Nora has also learned how to climb out of her crib. Since she has learned that she has not been sleeping good anymore (please go back to your old sleeping habits soon).  I am not sure if it is related, but I do think now when she wakes up instead of putting herself back to sleep she thinks she needs to climb out of the crib.  We started to put a sleep sack on her again and that helps.  She fights us to put it on at night, because she knows she can't climb out with it.  She also has a very strong opinion about what she wears.  I was really hoping I had a little bit more time to dress her, but she will flat out refuse to put certain things on or if I do manage to get the outfit on her she will take it off.  She has a couple of favorite dresses and if they are in the closet that is all she wants to wear (so sometimes those dresses just end up in the dirty laundry for just a little bit longer……).

Nora loves her older siblings and copies everything they do.  She picks up some good things and some bad habits from them.

These two are a team and get into a lot of trouble together.  They obviously spend a lot of time together while Hannah is at school.  They are so sweet to each other though and always have their back.  I sure hope that will always stay that way. 
                                Hannah is a little mommy to Nora and wants to take care of her.

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